Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I decided to have more of a focus on my blog...rather than just writing about random things, I thought it would be easier to just focus on one thing... so this is officially my BART Blog......

So today, I went on BART thinking, I'm sure I'm gonna get a seat since I'm a little late and usually the commuters are on an earlier bart train. Lo and behold, there are seats and I think "YES!". But stupid me, decides to take a seat that is taken by some lady's purse and sweater... so I look at her, and she knows what I want her to do, she hesitates, but she moves her sweater only.... while her big purse (and she's not very small by the way either) is taking up almost half of my seat! So as I'm waiting there for her to move her crap (sweater), she has the nerve to give me a dirty look! So as I try to squeeze in that seat...and my butt is not that small by the way... the other lady kinda moves as well, cuz my dress is in her way...I try to spread my legs a bit so I can make some room for myself, but its soo hard to do that being that I'm wearing a dress and all.

What a frustrating time on bart. Great first story though

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