Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year....7 days late

Ok So I've been quite busy lately.....Ok I admit, I either forgot or I was just to lazy to type any new entries. Anyway, this past holiday was great, I spent it mostly with jon and his family which is always fun. Everyday I'm learning more and more how to speak spanish.

Anyway, since its a new year, I've decided that there are some things I need to change about my lifestyle to make it better......

1) Get out of Debt....and to do that, well I really need to cut back on unecessary expenses. So far I've downgraded my cell phone to a cheaper one making my plan cheaper, then i'm trying to change my car insurance to a cheaper plan also. I'm also bringing own lunch to work now rather than buying food all the time. I have actually been doing really good on making lunch the day before. And lastly, I need to cut back on buying new clothes/accessories/shoes etc.....Thats what really got me. I'm planning on changing my wallet so it has less slots meaning less slots for credit cards to fit...and the rest of the cards I will just stash away in my sock drawer or something...hehe...

2) Eat healthier/get Fit..... I've been working out for a while now, but as far as eating right, I haven't been the best....well mainly since it was the holidays and there was food galore! So far so good for me though. Starting monday, Jan 5th, I was eating right and I think I'm getting more and more encouraged to eat healthier. Yesterday I went to the gorcery store and bought all these veggies which was really good, cause usually i tend to crave fatty foods, esp during this time of the month if you know what I mean (Woman thing). I started watching Biggest Loser last night and I was so motivated by it that it made me want to just really work hard at this getting fit. I mean I know I'm not fat, but I know that I have fat and I really need to get rid of that and turn it into muscles. A long time ago, I did this diet called Body For Life, my sister got me into it. anyway its a diet where you eat like 7 times a day, but its all portions and super healthy. And then one day you have it free to eat what ever you want. It was a really good style of living, but sooo hard because it take so much time to prepare and make sure u eat at a certain time..

3)Stay Positive.....I 've always been a positive person, but i guess we all have our days where everyone seems like they are against you, and i guess those are the days i need to be more positive.

4)Be a YES Woman. I need to say yes to more things and experience more things in my life. I'm 25 years old and I still have so much more things I want to do in my life. If theres an opportunity that is ever given to me, I should take it!

Ok well time to get back to work