Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Allergies to Bart

I swear sometimes I really think I'm allergic to bart.....EVERYTIME... not once in a while, but EVERYTIME, I ride bart, my nose gets all runny and I get really bad sniffles... I always have to keep tissue in my purse to keep my nose from dripping all over the place.... I know that sounds extremely gross, but what can i do?

Monday, October 5, 2009

on bart as i type

So i found out i have internet on my phone. So now i can type things at the exact moment rather than waiting till i get to work and end up forgetting. Anyway bart is crowded yet again so its annoying thats it for now.

Ok so i tried to post this but we are stop and go in the tunnel so i cant send it since theres no reception. Oh now we are moving. Sometimes i hate public transportation but without it how could we get around

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Too Crowded

So I don't know if its me, or the time i go to bart, but for some reason, its always sooo packed. I usually go home earlier than rush hour commute but lately I still have to stand. I don't even get the side wall part where you can lean on, I end up having to share a pole with someone. I don't mind standing, but its just those are the times I usually take a power nap to rejuvenate for my evening workout. Oh well.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Second Look

So I was getting off BART and in the rush of people, a girl that I always see in the mornings is walking towards the escalator, (while i'm walking towards the stairs to get in a little morning exercise) and from the corner of my eye, I see that she's seems to be wearing something revealing... and I think "geez, she's going to work". But I look again and see that she's really wearing a button up shirt that seems to have unbuttoned from her busom and down a couple of buttons, revealing pretty much her bra and cha chas.

When I realize this, its already too late, she has already passed me. Poor thing. I wish I could have warned her.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I decided to have more of a focus on my blog...rather than just writing about random things, I thought it would be easier to just focus on one thing... so this is officially my BART Blog......

So today, I went on BART thinking, I'm sure I'm gonna get a seat since I'm a little late and usually the commuters are on an earlier bart train. Lo and behold, there are seats and I think "YES!". But stupid me, decides to take a seat that is taken by some lady's purse and sweater... so I look at her, and she knows what I want her to do, she hesitates, but she moves her sweater only.... while her big purse (and she's not very small by the way either) is taking up almost half of my seat! So as I'm waiting there for her to move her crap (sweater), she has the nerve to give me a dirty look! So as I try to squeeze in that seat...and my butt is not that small by the way... the other lady kinda moves as well, cuz my dress is in her way...I try to spread my legs a bit so I can make some room for myself, but its soo hard to do that being that I'm wearing a dress and all.

What a frustrating time on bart. Great first story though

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloging is hard

So its been quite some time since i've written anything and a whole lots happened... well I guess not a whole lot... but a lot of small things that I can't really think of.

I've recently started (well about a month ago) eating healthier and keeping a good workout routine:

What my Week Consists of-
Monday- 6portion sized meals every 2-3hours, work out upper body
Tuesday- 6 portion sized meals every 2-3 hours, work out 20 mins cardio at high intensity
Wednesday- 6 portion sized meals every 2-3 hours, work out lower body
Thursday- 6 portion sized meals every 2-3 hours, work out 20 mins cardio high intensity
Friday- 6 portion sized meals every 2-3 hours, workout upper body
Saturday- 6 portion sized meals every 2-3 hours, workout cardio high intensity
Sunday- FREE DAY! Rest workouts and eat whatever.

oh and I forgot.... drink at least 8 glasses of water every day... man does that make me pee like at least 10 times a day...

So Far so good. I've been getting a couple of compliments on my healthier looking self, but I still feel I could do better and there isn't a dramatic change yet. Before, I used to just give up and go back to my normal ways of eating whatever because I felt that it wasn't working. But now, I just tell myself to keep going and because of that I feel really good.

I don't necessarily call it a diet, i call it more of a change of lifestyle because i'm not doing this to get just lose weight, I'm doing this to get healthy and stay that way.

I've been doing this routine for about 25 days and I've really grown accustomed to it that its actually really easy to do now. Everytime I crave something, I just tell myself, "you can eat it on Sunday". When Sunday comes around, I barely eat any, but its good to have a rest day because I know my body needs a break and my muscles needs to rejuvenate.

This weekend I'm going to Vegas to visit my mom, I'm really nervous cause I go there Sat morning which means I'm gonna have to eat with her, and that lady can eat.... I've eaten out and gone out with friends to eat and I've eaten quite healthy, but this Sat will be my ultimate challenge of staying on track. At least its only one day. I CAN DO IT!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

thinks too much....but just can't seem to type it all

ok so I've been quite busy with things....and keeping up with the blog is hard...

I tend to think of things to talk about and then once, I'm at my comp, I'm doing other things...

so much to write....yet it won't all come out of my mind in little bits enough to write...

hold on... gotta get my thoughts together